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topclipse handcrafts an assortment of unique, vintage-inspired hair accessories for all genders to help tame that mane and complete any ensemble, to help give you that extra little something-something you deserve.

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Homewares Each item is hand-mixed and hand poured in small batches. They... 


Beautiful Blooms Preservation

Book your Beautiful Blooms Preservation Reservation


Modern & Elegant Special Occasion Floral Preservation

Book with us to design your floral keepsake. Reserve a spot on our calendar as soon as you know the date for your special event. For other occasions or immediate customizations, please reach out at hello@topclipse.com

  • Beautiful Blooms Preservation in Arizona

    Keep your sentimental flowers frozen in time in your home, wherever you choose!

  • Located in Tempe, Arizona

    Drop off or ship us your flowers after your wedding and let us turn them into beautiful keepsakes, functional jewelry holders, and gifts for your family and friends!

  • Special Occasions

    Any flowers that hold special memories would be meaningful to preserve ~ Anniversary, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Memorial or even flowers from the significant places, people or events in your life. Preserving your favorite flowers would be a unique art piece to accent your home decor.

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