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We preserve both your fresh or already dried flowers and turn them into a lifelong keepsake. Don't have your flowers anymore? No problem! Send us a photo of your flowers and we work with our preferred florists to source flowers to recreate your custom bouquet. Special moments to preserve include; an engagement, wedding, birthday, graduation, or also a loss of a loved one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Information

How long does the process take?

1-4 months depending on your order & time of year (holidays & wedding season). I do my best to return your pieces as soon as possible, although the whole process is very time sensitive. Flowers must dry for at least 2 weeks before casting. Each block requires layers and layers of resin which must be allowed to cure for 24 hours before pouring the next layer. Once demolding all blocks must be allowed to cure further before sanding and top coating. And each add on accessory requires its own attention and care.

Do you dry the flowers before putting them in resin?

Yes, all flowers must be completely dried before encasing them in resin or they will rot! I use silica gel sand to preserve the color and shape of your flowers as they dry.

Do you use all of the flowers from my bouquet?

Upon arrival, we select the best blooms to dry. Depending on how your bouquet did in shipment, we generally do have to discard a few pieces that broke or got too bruised along the way. The better you follow our shipping instructions, the more flowers we’ll have to work with.

Based on your order selections, we dry enough flowers to fulfill your order, with a few extras just in case. This is why we need your selections finalized once we receive your flowers.

How long will my resin piece last? What can I do to take care of my piece?

Epoxy resin is sensitive to UV rays and will gradually become amber/yellow over time (normally years).

@thatresinhoe uses high quality casting resins that all professional resin artists use, which have UV inhibitors that will delay the change in color. This is a part of the natural aging process of resin and is expected and cannot be fixed.

It is recommended to keep your pieces out of direct sunlight and heat.

How do I take care of my resin art?

Keep your piece out of sunlight, preferably in a shaded area. Keep away from heat. Resin will yellow when exposed to UV rays and excessive heat. Treat it like glass and avoid scratching or dropping it. Do not use abrasive chemicals to clean it, such as acetone.

To clean, wipe down with a microfiber towel and use car polish or a colorless, gentle oil (mineral oil, coconut oil, silicone oil) to restore the shiny surface.

What are the best flowers to preserve? What about colors?

Mostly all flowers can be preserved! (except succulents, but these can be replaced with silks).

Floral considerations are listed below as a helpful guide, this does not mean @thatresinhoe can not preserve it because I still can! (deconstructed flowers are glued back together)

Flowers that wilt or detach easily?

Anemones, dahlias, scabiosa, mums, delphinium, mums, sunflowers, hypericum, lillies (these tend to loose shape & become transparent in resin)

My favorite flowers to work with?!

Roses, spray roses, runuculus, peonies, lisanthus, GREENS! and so much more!

There is a chance that any color can alter once dried and then in resin, which is another natural process that occurs. For example, reds can turn darker, pinks can turn more lavender/purple, whites can become brown or transparent.

This all depends on previous exposure leading all the way back to your flowers being delivered to your florist!

I send a floral care guide once you are booked with me, which gives instructions to keep your flowers as fresh as possible on the day of your wedding & after.

Will every flower come out perfect? No! But it is meaningful art pieces that hold your flowers which you get to keep forever and made with so much love!

Will I see bubbles in my piece?

Air bubbles are common but I'm proud to say that the resin I use and process I work with, eliminates almost all or most of them, so your pieces will be more clear than anything!

Check it out by zooming in real close on any posted picture on Social media! (I don't ever photoshop). Depending on the flowers you have, some can create small air bubbles that rise within 24 hours of curing but they will never take over your piece.

I am local to AZ, can I drop it off instead of shipping?

Absolutely! I offer local drop off in Tempe, AZ. You can request this as an option in the order form.