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Bloom Preservation DIY Kit

Bloom Preservation DIY Kit

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Preserve Your Own Beautiful Blooms!

What is Included with Your Kit?

  • This certified product is non-toxic and it does not contain cobalt chloride. It is recommended to wear a mask to prevent inhalation. We recommend that you wear gloves and do not rub the eyes etc.
  • 3.7L sealed container
  • Small brush to help remove the silica residue from the flowers.
  • 5lbs Silica Gel. Help minimize color fading when retaining the original texture and shape of the flowers.
  • Color indicating Gel! When the orange silica gel sand turns to dark green, it indicates that the silica gel is saturated with water. Put the silica gel in an oven at 250°F until all the green crystals turn back to orange. This process can take several hours depending on the amount of silica gel being used.
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